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After Hours Productions LLC. has been in business since 1982 and is a fully insured, licensed, company. After Hours Productions is a member of the better business bureau. The principal owner and operator is Nick McClellan. After Hours Productions began as an outlet for Nick to get in front of people and help them dance by spinning music. It became an obsession to see how much fun a DJ could create with music and interactive entertainment. In the early nineties, Nick realized that there wasn’t enough of him to go around with the increase in business, and therefore made the decision to become a multiple DJ operation. Desiring to give the same level of high energy entertainment, he made his new DJ’s learn his routines and dances and interactive methodology.Today you can find Nick and his 6 entertainers performing all over GA, FL, and AL for weddings, conventions, school proms, homecomings, and hundreds of private parties of all types. In early 2000, After Hours Productions took on full touring production work and has been touring with some of the largest artist around.

After Hours Productions LLC.

This meant the incorporation of upwards of $300,000 worth of sound, lighting, staging and video equipment. The match was good and now After Hours can performed outdoors, fully self contained, to crowds in excess of 10,000. Imagine you and 9,999 of your friends parting out in the middle of nowhere. We can do it!!!! Looking forward to what may come in the entertainment industry; After Hours Productions will stay on the cutting edge of entertainment and technology to ensure your events are the best they can be.


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After Hours Productions LLC. serves clients across Tifton, Albany, Macon, Valdosta, Tallahassee, Moultrie, Sylvester, Lake Park, and Thomasville and the surrounding areas.

Our Services include: Low Voltage Installation | Videography & Photography | Concert & Entertainment | Sound Rentals

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