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With over 25 years in the industry we’ve been around long enough to know people and their technological needs. Simple is usually better. Here at After Hours Productions we do the hard work to make your application smooth and worry free. If you can dream it, we can bring it to life.

After Hours Productions – One of the Best Audio visual Companies in South GA

AHP is one of the best audio visual companies in South Georgia. We have a fine team of professional audio installation contractors. We serve in Atlanta, Florida and Georgia. We believe the purpose of sound, lighting, and video in the church is to enhance the sermon, deepen the worship experience, and uplift the Gospel message in a way that draws the listener into a deeper understanding and desire for Christ.

What this means in a practical sense is that the presentation should never supersede the message but enhance it.

That being said, poor sound, lighting, and video can also become a distraction when they don’t function properly.

We believe improperly functioning systems are usually caused from several sources:

  • Improper application of technology
  • Technical limitations of the equipment
  • Damaged Equipment
  • Improperly maintained equipment
  • Untrained personnel
  • Immature operators
  • Distracted operators
  • Disinterested operator

At After Hours Productions, we understand the importance of proper audio visual installation and maintenance. We do our best to serve you the best!


    Specializing in the design and development of sound, video and lighting systems for business, worship services and live productions. After Hours Productions provides integrated audio, video, lighting, presentation and control solutions for everyone, giving clients the tools to communicate.


    The process starts with a meticulous, face-to-face interview to determine your vision and goals.

    • DESIGN

    Then we take your vision and create a custom-built solution that meets your unique needs.


    With your approval, our production team jumps into action, selecting equipment, coordinating contractors, setting schedules – all to ensure that your project runs smoothly.


    Our expert installation team starts on time and finishes when promised. The work is kept to the highest standards of quality and safety.


    New technology can mean a steep learning curve. Our training staff will work with your staff until everyone is able to operate the equipment with complete confidence.


    You are not a project, you are a partner. We are always ready to provide guidance and advice after the initial installation. From maintenance to modifications, we will respond with quick, knowledgeable assistance.