Common Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Wedding DJ, Photographer, Or Videographer

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When working on a wedding shoot, there cannot be any communication errors. The various teams coordinating the wedding photography, videography, decorations, and wedding team should be on the same page and should be working on getting the final product right. Multiple people will keep stepping in, and as a coordinator, it is our responsibility to make sure everything they handle is done properly.

When it comes to a wedding or most big celebrations, the photographers only get one chance to get it right. They cannot keep getting through the same process and have to make sure all the right moments are caught on time. They should be sure about the process and understand what aspects of the marriage they plan on incorporating in their shoot before the wedding day begins.

We were working with many clients over the last couple of years and received a decent understanding that there can be many issues through the process. One of the most common issues people go through is the lack of communication between the team or several people unsure about the process before the wedding. We also noticed many errors when getting through the process and started documenting the most common ones so that others do not make them again. The whole point is everyone getting through the process and moving ahead without this becoming an issue.

1. Making assumptions
Both brides and companies can fall prey to this because events that take place hiccups create an air of confidence that can leave a bride in the dark. Make sure you ask pertinent questions.

Is there adequate power?

Is the internet available?

Is the speed adequate?

What are the Arrival Times, Event Start Times, Departure Times?

Are there any breakdowns in time frames?

Can there be issues with the GPS directions or Traffic patterns and issues?

If a bride is made aware of company needs, she can have them addressed beforehand. Stressing a bride on her wedding day is never good. Assuming anything about the venue, although it might be the most common thing all venues provide, can be challenging if it has to be used and they cannot compromise on it. You would have to send someone to get it which can also be quite challenging and cause a delay.

2. Communication breakdowns
If people do not touch base the day before the wedding, they might be in for some surprises. Things change, and allowing the bride to tell you what they are can relieve a lot of stress. It's also a time to go over the details one more time. From the initial time that a schedule was discussed to the day before a wedding, there are enough things that could have likely changed, and you want to make sure you can get through the process. You should get the final schedule a day before the day and even talk to the bride and groom and ask them all the questions to make sure everyone is on the same page.

3. Choosing the right songs, but the wrong version or artist singing the song
Everybody cuts a copy of the best songs, and they might easily overlook who the artist is. It might not be an issue, but it can be. Do you want instrumental-only versions? That is often an unasked question. You have to make sure the DJ is playing all the correct versions of the songs that you wanted on the biggest day of your life. While some people might not be too picky about the music, there are others, and we noticed that this is the biggest thing for them, and there is nothing else that they would care about as much.

4. Not clarifying gear requirements
Make sure you specify crowd size because a tiny PA outside may get buried by street noise or restaurant banging noise. Make sure your cables are long enough. How far do I need to stretch out the gear? Will I need a wireless mic? Does the pastor need a mic to be heard? You should be talking to all the vendors and other teams at the wedding and asking them if they have any requirements so they can be accounted for when creating the rider. There are other changes that they would have to get through as well.

5. Not explaining expectations
What is the big picture of the day’s experience? If you can verbalize what a perfect day looks like, there is a much higher likelihood of reaching the target. When the exact information about the day is made clear, everything works itself out. There are other changes that they would have to get through to make sure that everyone is on the same page. If both the bride and the groom made their stance heard, the others would be in a better position to understand the situation and know how to react to it accordingly.

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