Frequently Asked Questions About DJs

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With amazing sound, lights, and video systems, a DJ can create the perfect ambiance for your celebration. However, if you’re looking to hire a DJ, you may have tons of questions about the entertainment but may find it tricky to get all the answers that you’re seeking.

So, to ensure you have all your doubts cleared, After Hours Productions, LLC has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about DJs.

1. What should I tell the DJ if there are songs I don’t like?
Before you tell the DJ to remove songs that you don’t like, ask his opinion about those tunes. They could be old classics, which are often the party starting favorites that are needed to get an event going. As everyone knows the music or the moves, they are more willing to take to the dance floor, so taking them off the list may cause unintended consequences.

2. Should the DJ address attendees’ behavior?
The DJ can’t be the security and the entertainer. It’s always a good idea to have an off duty police officer present if alcohol is getting served at the venue. It will protect you and your guests.

3. Should I tip the DJ?
Just as in any occupation, If you tip DJs, it will encourage them to give better attention to your requests. DJs get bombarded with requests during a four-hour show, and it’s impossible to have all the songs played. Giving the DJ a tip will secure your music on the playlist. Also, If your DJ did a great job and went out of the way to help your guests, it’s a great way to say thank you.

4. Will the DJ play my music?
My advice is to let the DJ know your favorites, but let them provide the music they know will create the most incredible level of enjoyment for the largest number of people. Our DJs play to various audiences and understand what music genres certain crowds will enjoy.

If you have any more questions about DJs, get in touch with the experts at After Hours Productions LLC. As wedding and party entertainers in Atlanta, we endeavor to make your event a success.

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