Common Mistakes Made By Most Sound Engineers

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For a sound engineer, to be the best in the entertainment industry, you need to have the right skill set, technical knowledge, and techniques to produce quality sound for any project. While you can’t predict the feedback you may receive on your final work, you should continually upgrade your skills and goals. However, mastery of audio engineering cannot be accomplished overnight or without learning from past mistakes. Knowledge is definitely vital, but so are the experiences learned from common errors. If you’re a budding sound engineer looking for advice on how to become an expert, After Hours Productions has put together a list of the most common mistakes made by sound engineers.

1. Incorrect placement of a microphone
Most technicians get so involved in equalizing an incoming signal that they miss the point of microphone placement. If the incoming signal sounds terrible with the equalization flat, begin checking with the room’s sound and the distance the mic is from where you’re recording. Another possible reason may also be that the stereo imagery using multiple microphones on a single source is creating phase issues. It’s best to experiment by moving the microphones around and recording samples to see what sounds best. You may also try different types of microphone brands until you find the tone you are looking for. The last step is equalization.

2. Not testing room acoustics
Start with a room that doesn’t have many ambient sounds unless you specifically want those sounds. Room acoustics add unnecessary artifacts that will have to be equalized out. Usually, the lesser the reverberation, the better. However, with modern digital consoles, you have an option to experiment with effects to create the room reverb you like.

3. Having no direction
When you come into a recording session, get an idea of what you will be recording instrumentally and vocally ahead of time. Map your time well and have musicians lined up, so you don’t wear yourself out or upset your client. Time is money.

4. Taking on too many opinions
Determine whose opinion matters the most, and then please them accordingly. You will receive as many opinions as there are colors. So, ensure you choose to please the client and not get involved in the rut of remixing and then remixing some more.

5. Not knowing the equipment
Learn what those buttons and knobs do before going out on any paid gig. Practice with your garage band before you step into the world of paid gigs. A reputation is better built correctly than repairing a damaged one.

6. Not knowing your client
Get to know the expectations of who you are running sound for or recording. You need to emphasize on their priorities as they pay you!

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